Yes, you can. This plugin includes a Javascript handler that can be attached to any event: click, mouseover, focus, keypress, etc. Here's the syntax:

SlimStat.ss_track(event, event_id, description)


  • event is the event that was triggered (the word 'event' must be used when attaching event handlers to HTML tags, see examples below)
  • event_id is a numeric value between 100 and 250
  • description is a custom message (up to 512 chars long) that can be used to add a note to the event tracked. If the ID attribute is defined, and no note has been specified, the former will be recorded. If the function is attached to a key-related event, the key pressed will be recorded.
  • async toggles the asynchronous AJAX call (true, false). This parameter is optional and it defaults to true.


  • onclick="if(typeof SlimStat.ss_track == 'function') SlimStat.ss_track(event, 100, 'clicked on first link');"
  • onkeypress="if(typeof SlimStat.ss_track == 'function') SlimStat.ss_track(event, 130, 'a key was pressed');"

You can then track your events under Slimstat > Site Analysis, with two dedicated reports. You can also check events associated to specific pageviews in the Activity Log, whenever the corresponding icon is displayed next to the pageview information. Simply hover over that little icon to reveal a tooltip with all the information about the specific event.