Some users have been experiencing connection issues when trying to install the MaxMind GeoLite2 data file directly from within the WordPress Admin. Their support has provided the following explanation:

It is true that we will occasionally block an IP if we detect an excessive number of downloads for our free GeoLite databases within a 24 hour period, and typically, waiting 24 hours before attempting another download will resolve the issue. However, there have been some known issues recently with some WordPress plugins, which seem to be causing such a high number of GeoLite download requests that Cloudflare has been blocking downloads with WordPress user agents on and off.

If you are still experiencing issues after 24 hours, we recommend that you try installing this data file manually. Please download to your desktop the COUNTRY datafile (or City, for better accuracy at the cost of a slight

performance degradation) using one of the following links:

You might need a software like 7zip to uncompress the downloaded file. Once unzipped, you will get a folder that contains a file with extension "mmdb". Take that file and rename it as "maxmind.mmdb". Now upload this file to your

server using your favorite FTP client, in the remote folder:

  • wp-content/uploads/wp-slimstat/

That should take care of the issue. If it doesn't, please do not hesitate to contact our support team.